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Writing a Book is Hard!

Welcome to the website for our book, Maya Python for Games and Film! We’re really happy to have the project finished, and we’re glad that you’ve either picked up the book or stopped by to check out the web site. We really just want the book and site to be helpful tools for people who are learning all about Python in Maya, so we hope you find it useful! We make no claims that we are the most expert developers where these topics are concerned: we were only ambitious enough to try to write a book to help newcomers to the community.

That being said, writing a book is hard, and writing a book about Python is a lot more difficult than we had anticipated! As such, we want to thank our contributing authors, Seth Gibson and Kristine Middlemiss, as well as our technical editor, Dean Edmonds, without whom this project would not have been possible.

We also want to be the first to admit that our book is not perfect. We have striven to be incredibly attentive to detail, but we’re sure there are problems or inconsistencies in our text or code examples. (You can find errata for each chapter noted on the chapter pages.) We’re also sure that, with as talented and populous as the Python community is, there will be plenty of people who disagree with some of our decisions or coding style. (Please make the time to read the Introduction chapter, as our printed code samples ended up a little unconventional to fit with the restrictions of the medium.)

Have fun and good luck on your journey to master Python in Maya!

~ by Adam on August 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Writing a Book is Hard!”

  1. Hi adam and ryan,
    Thx for this wonderful book, almost done with it. Just have a question, since i used pyqt for custom app, but it s interesting how u wrapped the maya app with sip to get a qobject to pass to the qt app. I never used this method, but just a simple app=myuiclass(); app.show()
    And never had problem of binding between maya and myapp so wht is the advantage of this method. I need to give a try to fully understand the pro and cons. Thx by advance

    • Hi Guy,

      I didn’t personally write the chapter on Qt, so unfortunately I can only pathetically say “I do it that way because it is how Autodesk’s documentation recommends it be done.” I would suggest visiting Nathan Horne’s blog if you’re interested in the intricacies of PyQt with Maya, as he is probably one of the most expert people I know of where it is concerned.

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