Due to a miscommunication between Elsevier Press and the Python Software Foundation, the first printing of this title used an unauthorized modification of the trademarked Python logo. We apologize to the PSF for this, and they have been understanding of our in-press status; in the 2nd and subsequent printing of this title, we shall use a cover design that has been approved as non-dilutive by the Python Software Foundation.

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Looking for More?

Have you mastered all of the content in the book? Are you looking for new challenges? Chad Vernon has recently released some videos on CGCircuit that you may find useful, including one on applied 3D math, one on the Maya C++ API, and one on creating a custom jiggle deformer. I haven’t watched any of them myself, but Chad is a hero, so I have no doubt they’re great.

~ by Adam on July 16, 2012.

One Response to “Looking for More?”

  1. I purchased the series and can say they are indeed of great use and worth for those wanting to save time and frustration getting setup to take the C++ plunge into the Maya API.

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